Artwork Requirements

Artwork Requirements

Design Services & Artwork Review

Need help creating artwork? Would you like us to review your artwork before using our Design Studio? Let us help you with our graphic design services!

Providing Your Artwork

You can send us vector artwork and we can print it as is or with adjustments. You can send us bitmap artwork that we will convert to vector. Send us the best artwork that you have. Remember, our prints are only as good as the artwork provided!

While screen printing requires vector artwork and certain guidelines, we understand each customer has different print and design needs and accept the following file formats: .cdr .ai .pdf .bmp .jpg .psd .cpt .doc .txt

A few guidelines to make sure your artwork looks its best!

  1. File Types: Vector artwork is our preference (.ai or .eps) and converted to outline mode. We do accept other file formats and have included a list for reference. If you are providing raster images (.pdf .jpg or .tif), please make sure that your images are 300 dpi. If your file is more than one color, please keep colors on separate layers. Design your artwork at the actual print size.
  2. Size: We can accommodate standard size prints (13″x15″) and over size prints (15″x 20″).
  3. Although not required, it is a good idea to send us your file at the size you want it printed.
  4. Convert text to curves: For vector files, convert all text to curves/outlines before sending.
  5. Colors: We use spot colors for screen printing. You can use spot colors when creating art, but it is not required. Use consistent colors in your file. Pantone Uncoated color numbers are encouraged.
  6. Fonts: Minimum point size for readable type is 12pt.
  7. Line Thickness:
    • Minimum line width 1pt. (at size) for Plastisol Inks
    • Recommended .012″ line thickness for Hot Split, Goof Proof®, Polytran, Elasti Prints® Glow-in-the-Dark and Pearl Prints™.
    • Recommended .025″ line thickness for Glitter.
    • Recommended .012″ line thickness for non-Puff colors. This may need to be increased if printed next to a Puff color. Be aware that Puff will increase the printed line thickness. A line that is .023″ will puff up to become .05″ in the applied transfer. 023″ puff to .05″
  8. Show-Thru Thickness:
    • Recommended .04″ show-thru thickness for all screen printed types except Puff.
    • Puff show-thru thickness should be .1″ thick.
  9. Special effects, fades, shadows, shading, etc. are not recommended: Some special effects can’t be produced with screen printing. Consider digital transfers if your art contains these.
  10. Use of Artwork: We will not reproduce your artwork without your consent. We also cannot print anyone else’s intellectual, copyrighted, or trademarked property without consent. Please refer to our Content Guidelines.
  11. Services: If your artwork does not meet the specs, we offer graphic design work for $60/hour. Discuss ownership of the artwork with us beforehand.

Acceptable File Formats:

Corel Draw Icon

Version 11 To X7.

All Artwork Should Be “ON” The Page.
Adobe Illustrator Icon

Adobe Illustrator®
All Versions. Best If Files Are Saved As .Eps. If Using Creative Cloud, Save As CS5 .Eps. Will Accept .Ai If Saved With “Create PDF Compatible File” Is Selected. All Artwork Should Be On The Artboard.

Adobe Acrobat Icon

Adobe Acrobat® (PDF)
All Versions. PDFs Can Contain Vector And Bitmap Graphics/Text. All Text Should Be Converted To Curves. All Artwork Should Be “ON” The Page.

Bitmaps Icon

JPG Icon

Bitmaps/Jpgs (Photos)
Most Files With Extensions .Jpg, .Tif, .Gif, .Psd And .Bmp Can Be Viewed. For Screen Printed Transfers, These Files Will Be Used Only As Guides From Which The Artwork Will Be Recreated.

Photoshop Icon

Corel Photo Paint Icon

Photoshop® Or Corel Photo Paint®
All Versions. For Screen Printed Transfers, These Files Will Be Used Only As Guides From Which The Artwork Will Be Recreated.

Word Doc Icon

Word Text File Icon

Microsoft Word®
These Files May Contain Usable Art Or They Will Be Used As A Guide For Recreating The Art.

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